Who We Are

T2T is an international community outreach program founded by Kenneth Avery Racine and a small group of like-minded friends to reach out to teens impacted by disaster and poverty.

What We Do

The goal of the program, which is a youth subsidiary of Phoenix Rising for Haiti, is for teens to reach out to teens, the usually unseen group in all outreach efforts.

Thank you for visiting Teen2Teen RISE.  As teens, we tend to focus on ourselves.  Sometimes we look at our lives and feel desperation when things don’t go our way.  We agonize over our looks, our clothes and our cars.  But, there are countless teens around the world and even here in the USA who have no time to worry about such things.  Instead, they worry about where their next meal will come from, or where they will sleep or where they will find much needed support.  They are just like us, except their pain and suffering is far more urgent then ours.  Often it seems as if no one thinks about these teens.  They are virtually invisible to Non Government Organizations (N.G.O.’s) and even missionaries mostly focus on the women and children. We understand these teens because we are teens ourselves.  So we have an obligation to help.  The goal of our teen-run organization is to shed light on these needs and offer support to teens around the globe. To reach this goal we need to start focusing outward and find meaningful and effective ways to empower teens like us.
Please contact me if you’d like to join in this effort.  aracine@teen2teenrise.com